Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gelding pictures

My mom sent me the pictures from her camera.

Here is Griffin still recovering from the anesthetic after the "surgery".

These are his small nuts. Too bad the picture is not in focus.

And these are pictures of the swelling from today (4 days later). Do you think it is excessive? I'd say probably not, since he really can't move around much in that small pen, and I am not there to force him to move around. He seems to be walking around just fine though. I figure this pain and little bit of swelling is nothing compared to what it must have felt like when his chest abcessed liquified tissue.


Kate said...

That swelling doesn't look too bad to me - as long as it doesn't get much bigger - it may also seep down to the low point on his belly before it's done. Thanks (I think) for the pictures of the nuts!

Andrea said...

I don't know how much swelling is too much. I just wanted to say he looks great! He's all filled out and healthy looking. Wow, what a gorgeous boy.

Linda said...

I came to your blog when you posted about the nuts, but the picture didn't load. This time it did---YUCK!!! You're holding them, no less!!! Double yuck. That's why I'm not a vet....I love animals, but not their innards. :) Ha ha.

Swelling looks good to me, and I've had a few gelded. It always seemed like as long as they moved around freely and it drained well, they did fine.

Sorry on being dumped, but glad to hear you're okay. Those fake deer this time of year are funny. I used to ride through an archery field--there were fake bear, etc.---it was the bear that always scared my horse.